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Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People:
10. let's run away together.
9. thank you for never leaving me.
8. sometimes "i'm sorry" just isn't enough to make everything ok. even if you really, really mean it. accept that.
7. i like you, but you can REALLY piss me off. but i do like you.
6. i hope you learned that you don't know everything, and that next time you'll be more careful what you ask for.
5. i'd love to give you a hug because it'd mean we were in the same place, together.
4. you're beautiful. i hope you know that. fully.
3. yes, i would. all you had to do was ask, but you never did. {i know this applies to someone...}
2. i know it wouldn't have worked, but...did you feel that, too?
1. let go. be yourself.

Nine things about myself:
9. at this moment, i am more comfortable in my own skin than i've ever been.
8. half my soul is decadent & luxurious, the other half ascetic. i'm constantly balancing the two and intervening in turf wars...
7. i'm trained as a massage therapist.
6. finally, i'm really enjoying writing for its own sake.
5. i have a deep love and respect for animals.
4. I believe I will live a life with financial freedom, peace, excitement, love & happiness {me too!}
3. i enjoy washing dishes.
2. i HATE dusting.
1. i think babies are wonderful, fully capable human beings, in miniature.

Eight ways to win my heart in relationships.
8. Teach me stuff - I love learning {agreed again}
7. copious amounts of affection & attention. not because i'm needy, but because i like reciprocity.
6. ...but also know i'm going to need space sometimes. and you should, too.
5. kindness. compassion. a huge heart...with clear, healthy boundaries. give without exhaustion, love without co-dependency...that kind of thing.
4. know thyself...and how we can balance & compliment one another.
3. get to know my body. please it continually.
2. be unafraid of deep, sensual communion. know how to work with it to strengthen our relationship.
1. respect spirit.  understand my relationship to it. 

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.
7. friends/family
6. food
5. love. love. love.
4. how to put things into words.
3. inspiration
2. realigning with my life's purpose
1. sex

Six things I do before I fall asleep
6. blow out/light candles {depending}
5. make sure the cat's fed so he doesn't wake me at some ungodly hour
4. put on music
3. review the day
2. journal {sometimes}
1. consider the day that's coming...

Five celebrities you admire.
"admire" is a strong word, but as far as i can determine their character...
5. forest whitaker
4. danny glover
3. george clooney
2. tim robbins/susan sarandon
1. ruby dee/ossie davis

Four things you’re wearing right now.
4. um...not wearing 4 things. just a red & white kaftan.

Three songs that you listen to often.
3. "fistful of tears" - maxwell
2. lots of meshell ndegeocello
1. "casa bey" - mos def

Two things you want to do before you die.
2. travel the world
1. share living space/daily life with a man i love.

One confession.
1. i am power-full.


nehanda said...

the call last week was to share an excerpt from starhawk's, ' the fifth sacred thing'. saw this yesterday and thought, you would appreciate it..i wish i would go and visit the chapel.. anyways, how are you? http://www.cosm.org/
i am still resting under the bosom of our lady. still in silence..


mbuya nehanda

sugar sista said...

i am still in a bit of silence myself...definitely elevating, though.

i'm well. hope you are, too.

sugar sista said...

just getting around to that starhawk reading...very beautiful.

it is my continued prayer that we wake up before things go *that* far downhill...but some days i don't know...