hello again...

i saw you today,
but you didn't see me.

it's just as well...

knowing this is an affair of the aura
doesn't ease the ache in my chest
or kill the inclination to bury my face in your neck
and go wherever you're going.

to some part of me,
you are walking honey,
a living offering;

i want you
for my altar
to keep the spirits close.

...your smile can do that, you know.

but that wouldn't be fair,
would it?


mindful said...

:) I was in a very serene, yet fulfilling place reading this. You've got quite the distinctive line breaks and stanza separations in this one; it flows great, and ends beautifully.

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

thanks. sometimes i think i have these "chance" meetings just for the sake of poetry. lol.

Anonymous said...

wow. speechless. thank you.

TruEssence said...

Beautiful scribe sis!:)

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

thank you. :-)