chicken little?

this bothers me.

not so much for the reasons he stated, but basically because we, as the only "superpower" on the planet, don't have the kinds of people in place who could truly aid in alleviating these tensions. the diplomatic and moral clout that might have allowed us that chance and that privilege is all but wasted.

we gave the gun to the baby. and he took it to school. now he's shooting anything that moves 'cause it's just a game to him.

as i said in my comment to the blog entry, i don't worry too much about nuclear strikes. i think we're all aware enough to understand that (a) we're all on the same rock and (b) if the world starts to look like mad max, we ALL lose, no matter who's on top for the first few years after the initial attack.

but i do fear accidents.

god help us all.

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