when i got this email about a 10-yr old kenyan girl and her baby the other day, i thought it was a joke. but after a quick google, i've found that it's not.

i understand that motherhood in africa is and has always been revered and held in the highest esteem, as it should be in all places.

however, as the blogger said:

...Gladys is still a primary school girl who must stay in school. That means that she will be a better mother for her young infant if Gladys herself is allowed to GROW UP FIRST to be a WOMAN who has an education that can enable her to live an independent and dignified life.

i am not one to inflict my mores on the cultures of others. but 10 years old, menstruation or not, is a BABY.

from another angle...14-16 year olds are still quite young, but i would think it's more likely that they some say in who they chose as a partner. not to mention being more physically ready for childbirth.

those 4-6 years make a big difference.

may the ancestors protect and shield these children from any more pain.

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