feline adventures

ok. so i got a kitten monday. after years of petlessness, he's a joy. and i've never raised one on my own, so that's fun, too.

his name is oludare (o-loo-dar-ray). it means "god has judged me right/innocent". he was part of an unwanted litter, so i figure his life could have been much worse.

he is cute, affectionate, playful, and fully housetrained (without much help from me, thank u very much...i just showed him where to go, and he went. i was skeptical about that cat-claim, but it's true, ladies & gents).

he is my first cat.

he also wakes me up at 2am.

if you've never had the distinct pleasure of being awakened by something non-human tugging at your hair, you should try it sometime.

it was also fun having him think that there was some toy under the covers when i rolled over. he pounced on my backside a few times.

the little nose between my shoulderblades was kinda cute, tho.

i sprayed him with water, picked him up and put him in his bed (which he hasn't touched...probably due to the heat), all to no avail. he just kept coming back for more.

he didn't even realize he could reach the bed until yesterday.

in an effort to keep him off at least most of the time, i close my bedroom door when i leave for work in the mornings.

see, my dog used to rotate. one night in my parents' room, one night in mine, another in my brother's, and so on.

i am the lone provider for this little sweetheart.

it'd be fine if he just slept...

but i'm happy he's there.

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