thoughts on (various different kinds of) hunger

(penned 8/14/04)

stuck on broke
drivin on E
tryin to make it thru
just one more trip
to the market
'cause a sista's gotta eat

maybe i need some kinda
shaolin monk martial arts diet
make a meal outta air & sunlight
like an indian guru

but i ain't that slick

tired of righteous living
lockeed martin's hirin'
why not kill a few babies
to get some healthcare
job security
and a close to living wage?

too bad
i'm allergic to babylon

scribblin in this notebook
isn't gonna make me dinner

bout to take my last $20 and
go to the farmer's market
with a prayer
go raw foodist overnight
pretend i'm performing a cleansing
pull a scarlett
and refuse to go hungry
ever again

is it mandatory
that poets experience
instability and pain and
pay twice the dues?

but my day's on its way...
(c) 2004 l.a.m.

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