love's shadow

I trust You.
I trust my path.
I trust myself.
I trust Universal Law.
I trust Nature.
I trust in Love, Peace, & Joy. I trust in my ability to manifest these things in my life.
I trust that I am Blessed.
I trust that everything I need will be provided for me.
I trust the Divinity within and the abundance of the Universe.
I trust that my prayers are heard and that the Creator knows my heart.
I trust my gifts.
I trust in the power of my Being.

As it is
So shall it be done.


i wrote that somewhere inbetween all the other thoughts i was trying to get down and work out. things i've been trying to work out for months now.

i had a lot to think about last night...i still have a lot to think about today.

i'm hoping that maybe if i let go and truly allow myself to trust in these things, everything else will fall into place.

i read the song of songs before i went to sleep last night. i was trying to keep in mind the beauty of love, not all the dark things it can bring out of people.

i've always liked that book of the bible, 'cause it seemed like it shouldn't have been there. my jaw dropped the first time i read it...

i don't dig how people are always trying to make it into a god/israel thing. why not take this as literally as everything else?

the sensuality of it alone--the myrrh, honey, flowers--is wonderful.

verse 5, chapter 6 made me think:

I opened for my lover,
but my lover had left; he was gone.
My heart sank at his departure.
I looked for him but did not find him.
I called him but he did not answer.

been feeling like that a lot lately.

you know, i started this entry in the spirit of negativity...and in a assbackwards way at that.

i'm glad i turned it into this instead.

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