i can get overwhelmed by all the "bad" news and bad news parading as "information" that folks seem to focus on...

i wonder if i'm making a difference, if i can make a difference...what my niche truly is. 

and even if i find it, will that make a difference?

i'm not an "activist", per se.  i'm not in the streets constantly uplifting (or yelling about) a cause. i don't feel the need to browbeat people into understanding...well, anything, really.

i care. i keep an eye on what's going on in the world. i don't shy away from the uncomfortable or the undesirable.

i try to live in a way that makes my ancestors proud.

is that enough?

do i have to be loud?
does everyone have to know my name?
do i have to wear my allegiances on my chest?

i seek the wisdom of the quiet elders. 
it would do no good to drown them out.

still, i'm always asking, am i doing enough? being enough?

am i missing something, or looking at the wrong examples?

sometimes, it's hard to know.

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sugar sista said...

{as posted on facebook}

thanks, everyone...really grateful to have you beautiful, dynamic ladies chiming in on this!

reflecting further, i realize that sometimes i can get caught up in the "comparison game" with this stuff...then i have to take a deep breath and--to paraphrase [a friend]--walk my path, refocus, & not worry about the noise...

e.g., as i read the responses, i was thinking that most of you are mothers. THAT is work/activism/prayer and all other kinds of things rolled into one. lol. then i think, "i'm not doing that...shouldn't i WANT to do that?" but...it's just not in my journey--either for now or not at all. and, when i'm clear, i'm perfectly fine with that.

it's ok that i've taken awhile to ease into my purpose...i was looking for a linear path or a singular focus, when it came together more like a jigsaw puzzle or spider web.

it's ok for me to BE right where i am...long as i continue to grow & learn & move when i need to.

as [a friend] said, moments like this force me to look at myself. they also move me to recite my attributes...not out of ego, but as a reminder that i DO know who i am & what my focus is.

so, ultimately, all this reminds me that while i am an integral part of the whole, i am also myself. and being true to that is important. otherwise, i wouldn't be able to contribute to the community.