drumming while female

i've been thinking seriously about owning a drum. for several reasons.

i know a lot of sistas can be intimidated into thinking that they can't/shouldn't/never did drum, but we do, and we did.  this knowledge is reemerging from many sources.
From a metaphysical standpoint, women are natural receptors. As such, we, often unknowingly, pull in the energies of our environments. The added bonus is that we also have the bonus ability to transmute. Any toxicity we pull in can be changed and released to the community or cosmos for greater benefit. Personally, I become much more psychically in tune with my environment when I drum, and can feel when something is in or out of sync. Our ancient foremothers knew these secrets as they gathered in secret during the mooncycles to trance dance and drum these energies into personal and collective empowerment. Today's woman has lost touch with these practices, but tries to subconsciously transmute by partying, obsessive exercise, drinking, shopping...all in an effort to shift the toxic energy that has been built up from daily living.

Buy a drum.

You will be delightfully amazed at how beneficial just five to fifteen minutes of drumming is for you. And when you drum, pray. Mentally focus your intention. Bond with the energy of your instrument and make magick. Extend the time as you go further into your drumming meditation. You'll find yourself trancing out as Queen Nyabinghi's drummers did as they were possessed of her warrior spirit. You may have ancestors come to your aid. [source]
also check out layne redmond's research, obini bata, and this blog that seems to have quite a bit of information on female drummers in west africa.


Sita said...

Any suggestions on some good spots to purchase a drum?

sugar sista said...


no, i don't have anything like a specific site or contact.

however, if you're specifically interested in african drums, keep an eye out for drumming/dance classes. often those drummers sell/make drums or know someone who does.

they can also offer suggestions on what kind of drum might be best for you.

nehanda said...

we travel along similiar paths..
i too have been dreaming of drumming.
turtle rising women.. yeah
they are on fb also..
hope you are warm, my friend.
mbuya nehanda

sugar sista said...

word. i plan on owning a drum as soon as i can...

staying as warm as can be expected. :-)