handle that fo' me

there was a lot i wanted to get done this afternoon/evening.  in the end i had to settle for getting the dishes done, doing a load of laundry, and changing the sheets.

on the other hand, i was just over 400 miles from home this morning.  wound up at my desk by about 1pm.  settled in at home at around 4pm.

i suppose that's not too bad for one day.

i'm learning not to berate myself for "failing" to stick to the insane mental schedule i sometimes keep.

often, my next thought is: "this is why i need a husband / steady."  if i could afford one, i'd hire some kind of assistant, but for now, a capable man-friend is much cheaper. 

there's a lot i have to do on my own.  and i'm only one person.  a pretty awesome person, but still just one.

i need the option to tag team some shit.

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