i recently discovered the daily love through a sistafriend, and today's email was just...wow.
Love everyone as best you can, but only invest in people who invest in you.

Your heart and dreams are precious things, they should be in hands of people who will help to guide them, protect them and nurture them.

As you embark out into the unknown on the Journey of your Dreams choose wisely your traveling mates. Your team and who you surround yourself with is one of the most important decisions you can make and a great influence on whether you will complete the journey successfully.

Treasure your dreams, follow them with trust and surround yourself with only the best.

Don't think twice about dropping the rest.

coming to the place in life where you can see this, feel this, know this...and live it...that place is a wonderful, invaluable gift; one that can never be taken away unless you choose to close your eyes.

choosing to keep mine wide open is the best decision i've made.

is it easy? hell emphatically no.  but it's real, clear, and keeps me on the road to my destiny.   

this is what i'm grateful for today.

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