sango & ogun

In Africa Ogun's color is pure red. Then we have Sango whose colors are red and white. The color for Obatala is white. We can see a pattern emerging here. Red represents virility, vitality, aggression. Red and white represents balance between aggression and compassion. White represents the incarnation of mystical unity.

Should any of you be plagued with notions that these three Orisa are enemies, or that they don't get along, know this is a common misconception. These Orisa represent a continuation of one cycle. The difference between Ogun, Sango and Obatala is like the difference between rain water, fresh water and salt water. They are different at some point, but they bleed into each other.

In some places in Nigeria Ogun and Sango are seen as loving brothers not enemies. You can see why. Sango is fire. What is fire in relationship to iron? Fire tempers iron and makes it stronger. That is not a hostile relationship. It is a symbiotic mutually beneficial relationship. As a Force in Nature it represents an important fusion of energy with no hostile implication.

~originally written by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi

the meeting of fire and iron is symbiotic and chaotic.

beneficial, but dangerous in human hands.

osun's cool, fresh throne doesn't always intervene. some days, we are those warring brothers...

but, in the end, we always wind up forging something new.


Anonymous said...

This was beautiful and very well-written. Thanks so much for sharing.

Hoping all is well with you and sending positive energy your way ;)


Anonymous said...

i agree.

omi said...

thanks...everything's cool.

honey & i rarely argue, but when we do it always seems to be those energies mixing and working to "forge" some new level of our relationship.