something's wrong...maybe a lot's wrong.

i don't really know how or when or why, but i can see that i really want a lot of things to change.

and i'm wondering how any of those changes are going to get made with no money and little time.

i know there's a way...

i just have to get my intentions down
leap over all the "no you can'ts"
and make it happen.

easier said than done some days...


vyzion360 said...

Sending positive energy your way, love.

Hang in there. One of my life's philosophy's is "always forward" --

No matter what.

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

indeed...keeping that in mind.

these things always pass. it's just being in the midst of them that makes things seem un-doable.

mindful said...

You are definitely not alone in this, lady...