here we go again...

more fear-based conspiracy programming.*

i support(ed) obama and still do, within reason. whatever the consequence of his presidency, a mccain/palin one would have only sped things up (can you even comprehend the world if he kicked and that woman was in the chair??!?)

that said, obama could still fk up. it wouldn't break my heart if he did.

i'm also unnerved by the shot of the black boys drilling when they're not doing anything that you wouldn't see at a black frat step show. i'm a lot more worried about the jesus camp kids. white privilege still goes a long way.

even if this film is absolute truth, obama could still have a wake up call. he has time--whatever the consequences--to say "fk the system" and encourage others to do the same.

hell, if i remember correctly, kennedy towed the line for awhile, too. he made a decision to go the way he went; he didn't go in with guns blazing.

i am with the idea that all these financial ups and downs are orchestrated and that a handful of old white dudes are running the show. the military is dangerously overblown, and our economy is a joke mainly because a few people with a lot of money said "screw the public".

but guess what?

there are more of us than them.
people are coming to consciousness.
not everyone forgot history.
and the military ain't what it used to be--at least not in people power.

i'm not saying alex jones is completely wrong--just that information can be disseminated without a bunch of fear-mongering and with far more than a brief nod to constructive, solution-oriented thought.

*full disclosure: i watched about 40 min straight, then skipped to the end. will watch the full film later and come back, if necessary.


Anonymous said...

lol...Oh boy...I guess Obama is supposed to be so different than all of the other presidents...is it because he's Baaalaaaaaaaaack!? ;)

*watching now*

everyone knows that the presidential position is one of scapegoat...if things are difficult he will be the one to blame for it all and vice versa, hasn't changed, this has always been the way people view politics and people who hold others up to these great standards...

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

word...it's all complicated.

i don't have a problem with the overall concept of the movie per se, but i do think it's a little early to brand obama as the new face of the "illuminati" when he hasn't even gotten the smell of dubya's aftershave outta the office yet.