fussing with my muse (again)

i think i'm coming down with another one of those writing compulsions. but i don't know what to write about. that's when it gets particularly frustrating.

there are all these amorphous forms filling up my head. glimmers of ideas or feelings or word arrangements trying to manifest themselves, but with no clear channel for expression.

i suppose i'm the channel, but i don't know exactly what i'm supposed to do.

i can't always be taken over. i don't always have the time.

then again, i can't always shake off the impulse, either.

physically, i'm fine. i.e., i don't feel like some massive cleansing is in order.

spiritually, i'm in some kind of spin cycle.

emotionally, i'm stronger, but still a little fragile. like cooling caramel.

...and there was more, but i got distracted.

y'all have no clue how thankful i am for this five day weekend...

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