the boogeyman

ok. another scary movie about the illuminati...

(with a bonus blurb on tupac!)

now, as i've said before, i'm about as much of a conspiracy theorist as any other black person in america. however:

(1) if all this illuminati stuff is not (or only partially) true, it's irresponsible to keep tossing it into the wind and

(2) if it IS true, where's the outrage? was there ever a time when we weren't "sheeple"? and, if we know less now than we used to, what changed? were there people who knew about this stuff? what happened to them? how long ago? what about in the rest of the world? are we all idiots?

and, most importantly, where are the solutions? no one ever talks about that.*

plus, it's painfully obvious that enough people don't know (or don't care) to combat these illuminati people, so aren't we all screwed anyway?

i feel the same way about 2012. if it is, in fact, the end of the world due to some cosmic catastrophe and the only way to avoid it is to get off the planet, three years can't save us. the technology's not there, and if it is, only a select few know about it anyway.**

bottom line is, i suppose i question the motives of shock jock conspiracy theorists as much as i do those of the ruling elite.

so, if you're into this sort of thing, feel free to drop me a line. maybe i'm missing something...

*zeitgeist is a notable exception. i recommend it to anyone who's interested in this kind of stuff as a far less alarmist, even handed treatment of the topic.

**personally, i agree with those who say 2012 is meant to usher in the start of a new age of humanity, i.e. spiritual, social and psychological evolution, not the "end of the world". as far as catastrophes are concerned, i'm more worried about the ones tied to global warming than anything that might happen when the planets line up. not to say a big ass comet couldn't hit the planet, but, again, what can we really do about that?

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