thoughts on the debate?

grow up, america.

honestly? i am pissed that we are even bandying about these elementary ass issues that every other industrialized, western nation has done something about or acted like fking GROWN UPS on...on paper at the very least.

we need to get on the ball, and fast. this is really not helping anybody. we're so far behind, it's not even funny.

one of the most pointed things that obama did was speak about looking 10 years down the line.

that's the energy we need, not a symbol of the breed that's dying in state and parliment houses all over the world.

thinking only about the next 4-8 years and then expecting that to garner some kind of change is ridiculous, at best.

get a grip.

vote for whoever you want to--we're not gonna get outta this mess in less than a decade (or more) anyway. may even take a generation. and i'm sure you can already guess where i'm leaning.

but we need to take a good, long look at what we're doing and what we're turning into. and if we wanna make it better, we need to start thinking like big boys and girls, not infantile automatons fueled on xenophobic fear, soundbites, and walmart goods.

playtime's over, y'all.


TruEssence said...

Yes indeed sis... it's time for some Americans to wake up and see the big picture. America is long overdue for change.

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i mean, we can keep spinning our wheels if we want to, but we're only hurting ourselves, you know? i don't know why that's so hard to see.

mindful said...

we all want change, and you're right... i've stated this some entries back; it's going to take years, decades, maybe even longer for us to be dug out of the mess we're currently in. i'm ready for it all to be over and done with, but i can't help but wonder... if we will ever get back to a point of stability...

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i think we can stabilize, but it's going to take hard work...something that americans THINK they know, but i don't think many have much of an idea.

garrett said...

I hope you don't mind a comment from someone coming out of (figuratively speaking only) nowhere.

To me, one aspect of Obama's appeal is his visionary quality. Only a visionary,nowadays, has the boldness to think and speak in terms of a ten year time frame.

The fix we find ourselves in is the result of many things, of course, not the least of which is short term thinking by most everyone in positions of power in government and business. We are a society (and I fear this is one of our main international exports) based on immediate gratification. We want "it" but we don't want to pay for "it". (How else can we explain a candidate running for president whose main appeal is the promise not to raise taxes?)

People say this is a bad time to become president, that the challenges and problems are overwhelming, and that the next president cannot solve them or make headway on them in four years and will be summarily turned out of office by an impatient electorate. Maybe so.

But I have a prediction. I think Obama is that different person, that person we have missed for a very long time, that person with leadership qualities, that person with vision, that person who can inspire, that person who can build consensus, and that person who, against the odds and against the predictions, will succeed.

I predict that halfway through his second term that there will be a movement to change the law about only two terms for a president. He will be so popular and so effective that many people will want him to stay on. Whether the law is changed or not is another matter...

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

thanks for that, garrett.

i agree with you. not sure about changing the term law, though--i'd HATE to see that backfire during another nixon, bush or reagan-type administration...*shudder*.

one thing i didn't mention but have had conversations about is whether or not obama's able to implement everything he's set forth, the ideas will most certainly inspire others to take up wherever he has to leave off.

the president's always going to have limitations. but if he can inspire the people, well, that's limitless.

garrett said...

The more than two term law is, ultimately, a necessary law and will not (if my scenario plays out) be changed, I don't think. As you say, it might limit the guy we like but it will limit the guy we don't like as well and that is a good thing.

As far as implementing everything he has set forth, I would think that to be unlikely given the current financial crisis and what that means as far as tax revenues incoming and entitlement programs outgoing. He and his administration will have to choose and prioritize, of course.

It will depend on how he communicates with the public and I believe that is his unique strength. As you say, the benefits of the power to inspire are limitless.

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

yeah...this country has probably forgotten what it's like to have an ARTICULATE president...