emergency gratitude list

i've been stating my needs a lot lately...probably a good time to count my blessings...

unexpected encounters
good friends
mint tea
my cooking skills
a body that's pretty healthy even when it's sick-ish
a cat that kills nasty, icky bugs
cheap(er) grocery stores
a working car
sick time
a comfortable bed w/ lots of pillows
being able to do laundry @ mom's house


India Freedom said...


I forgot to leave a comment expressing my gratitude for your gratitud list... I have to give you credit on my site too. Your page is always lovely and you're very honest about your struggles and triumphs and I am thankful!!! yes girl. ..I used a couple of your bullet points..we are here. together.love. --India

creatrix said...

word...well, i've learned that the fastest way to get a prayer answered is to be grateful for what's already in front of you.

it's always nice to see you here & to visit your place on the web.

hope all's well in your world. take care.