not much going on...

just wanted to say hi, shoot the shit & what not.

this weekend i was introduced to the wholistic wellness for the hip hop generation video...produced by this dude.

i don't think i'll ever be that serious. but, hey. more power to him.

i do, however, commend him for coming at the subject of holistic health from a perspective that young folks can understand and learn from. i could easily see 12-18 yr olds seeing that and being touched by the message. i know his mother taught me a thing or two.

the n-word is still getting quite a bit of attention these days...as it should. i don't think it's ok for us or white ppl to use it. we must be one of the most self-hating race of folks ever. we internalize and accept just about every negative image of ourselves there is with very little critical thought. and that's just sad.

i may come back around sometime today. who knows.

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nakachi said...

a link for you, empress omi.


she is my beloved friend and i think you would enjoy her. bonus: she lives in b-more!