spirit notes

you know, since i've put up my altar, interesting things have been happening.

for one, an outlet in my mother's house that has NEVER worked started working a little while after i restructured my altar space.

i've also been running into people i never see and really don't have much to say to...one is my father's sister. i'm sure i've mentioned before that i don't deal with my dad's side of the family much, although i look a lot like them. running into my aunt has been....surreal at best. i pass her house daily going to work, and i live maybe 10 minutes from her. but i've never run into her until very recently.

the other is a girl i was close with years ago, but who i lost touch with almost immediately after we left high school. she hasn't been well ever since a breakdown she had around sophomore year of college. she's a distant relative through my mother's stepfather...no blood at all, although she used to harp on the fact that we were "cousins".

i have no idea why i would be seeing them. do they need to see me for some reason? what could i possibly have to offer them at this stage? it doesn't seem to make sense.

another thing: my grandmother was fond of scotch, so i wanted some to put on her side of the table. i had asked my mother to find out what brand she drank.

strangely enough, my mother told me on saturday. why weird? because (a) during my closing prayer/thank you at the end of the fast, i asked my egungun to let me know if they needed anything and (b) mom told me she'd found out what brand she drank a few weeks ago, but just thought to tell me saturday, the day after i mentioned it.

i'm keeping my eyes open...i just don't know if i'm seeing from the right angle.

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