healing is possible.

in speaking of/dealing with this anger, i realize is that some of it really isn't anger at all.

it's pain. and sadness.

i get so tired of living in a space where so many seem to be unwilling / unable to see or are simply numb to the reality that there IS another way, that healing IS possible, and all the "craziness" doesn't have to be.  in a space where there are so few shared rituals and ways to facilitate healing, as Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes always says so well. 

it's not even about "one way" to do it.

i'm getting to a point where i don't even *care* how it's done...afro-centric, nobody-centric...  it just needs to BE DONE.

people are so busy acting out the hurt that they're perpetuating one horrid cycle after the next.  our elders and ancestors have written the words, drawn up the blueprints. but we're still on the same hamster wheels.

i cannot be the only one seeing this.

i also can't be the only one that understands that it CAN stop.

you don't have to do it my way, their way, or your mama's way.

you've just gotta begin somewhere.

do the work. seek whatever help you need.  heal. please.  so we can finally get back to the business of truly loving one another. 

(and make life just a little bit easier for us empathic folk)

the universe has got your back.

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