update: life

i fussed at someone else about writing recently, but i've been finding it hard to get back in the saddle myself.  so here goes:

the move went well. my bedroom is coming along splendidly, even without a proper dresser. got my eyes on this one. the plan is an elemental theme: ocean bedroom, earth/sky bathroom, fire living room.

 i'm cooking more and enjoying every minute of it. i'm also completely geeked by the create channel.

house porn still makes me inordinately happy.

i'm sleeping well and i love my new improved commute. it's far more befitting a sane person.

i'm enjoying family, friends and laughter.

work is pleasantly mellow. but that probably won't last long.  soaking it up while i can.  

recently rediscovered papaya juice. yum.

hope y'all are enjoying yourselves, too...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're settled in and adjusting well to your new home. Hope all continues to go well. As for me, everything is as it should be and I am seeking newness in life.

sugar sista said...

thanks, love. glad all's well in your world as well.

reminds me of a line from olu butterfly woods, "evolution is the only form of perfection i've ever encountered."