the power in modesty

i used to wonder why any woman would want to cover.

however, as i learned more about the Divine Feminine, i began to realize that some of us are free wheeling love goddesses, others are modest "virgins". 

there are women connected to the earth and Her elements, to psychic power, to mothering and crafting.

all are necessary. all are empowered.

knowing that, i figured that as long as the sista is doing the choosing for herself, it's all good with me.

too bad the french government doesn't agree. 


nehanda said...

love, i woke up thinking of grandmother spider woman. did i ever send this link to you. i forget..how are you beloved?
mbuya nehanda

nehanda said...

another thing,


sugar sista said...

no, i don't think you've sent me either of those.

i'm horrified of spiders. LOL. i appreciate the "grandmother spider" archetype, but...yeah.

thanks for the video, too. i'll check it out.

nehanda said...

oh, spiders... waaaa!
moving from hope to change..
listening to this video during lunch.

sugar sista said...

van jones is the truth. will watch some over dinner...